I am a graphic recorder and sketch artist specialised in
live scribing graphic summaries hand drawn illustrations whiteboard animation training

I specialise in visual communication using sketching. Live scribing or graphic recording at conferences and events. Sketched visual summaries, illustrations for website or social media content, and whiteboard animation. I'm passionate about hand drawing ideas to bring your story to life.

Web Design

Live Graphic Recording

Web Design

Graphic summaries

Web Design

Bespoke illustration

Web Design

Video creation

Web Design


How I work

Turn your written or spoken content into visual sketchnotes. Let me capture the moment live using scribing or graphic recording at a conference, strategy session or event. Or send me content to turn into a graphic summary or whiteboard animation.

My services

Live Graphic Recording & Scribing

Add something fresh to your conference, event or strategy session

Social content

Create beautiful hand drawn content to share on your blog posts, social media or website.

Visual summaries

Turn text or video recording into a visual summary. Perfect for internal communications or social media.

Visual facilitation

Need to engage a team, solve a problem or ideate a solution? I can facilitate a custom, visual workshop for you.

Video creation

Custom videos, GIFs and whiteboard animations to tell your story.

Sketching Mastery Academy

Everyone can draw. Learn how to be comfortable using visuals for work, study or yourself.

Work I’ve done

I've worked with many clients to bring their content to life. See sketchnote, visual content and whiteboard animation examples.

Benefits of visual thinking

Why is visual thinking so powerful? Visual thinking vs. verbal thinking has many benefits. Learn more about sketching, hand drawn content and live scribing in my Frequently Asked Questions.

About Sketching Master

Talia Lancaster

I have always been a compulsive note taker and doodler. That’s when I realised that I think in pictures. And so many others do too.

Looking for and graphic design?

Check out my sister company Sketch My Brand. It's a small business design company with heart. Supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses with graphic design services.